Motivational Wellness Speaking

“My purpose is to get everyone up and moving.”

-Dominique Thomas

"My purpose is to get everyone up and moving!" Dominique Thomas speaking at the 2019 San Bernardino Black Breastfeeding Week celebration

“The only way we can initiate change is to get uncomfortable.”

-Dominique Thomas

In addition to wellness coaching and personal training, Dominique’s goal is to provide an exciting and interactive presentation that will help inspire you to move towards your wellness goal. Topics include health, fitness, self-care, development, and empowerment.

She is always eager to get everyone up and moving with innovative approaches to help improve your overall wellness.

“I invite the opportunity to help make your next event a success!”

Her scope of work includes presentations for school age children as well as adults ranging from 18 to 65 years of age. She has successfully engaged groups ranging from 10 people to crowds of 200 plus.

Please send email to to book her for your next event!